Our state-of-the-art urban sanitation management service

Waste collection and urban sanitation services

On behalf of municipalities and public bodies in general, Zanetti Arturo offers a complete urban sanitation service. We support all municipalities that need to rely on a qualified, certified and competent environmental service provider.

We provide a wide range of services: from door-to-door selective collection of domestic waste to the cleaning of streets and public areas (e.g. parks, car parks, markets); from emptying waste bins to the removal of abandoned waste; from the management of ecological platforms to the disposal of cemetery waste. We meet all the needs of the municipality or institution. We work with state-of-the-art IT systems to control municipal waste, in order to monitor the amount of waste in the recycling centre in real time and to enable the optimisation of resources.

A turnkey project, assisting and supporting the public authority with the aim of reducing problems to zero.

Waste collection for the private citizen

For the private citizen, Zanetti Arturo offers a series of services ranging from the collectio of bulky waste to the collection of WEEE waste; rom the collection of old rfurniture to the collection and disposal of used oil, including pipe and duct video-inspections.



Our services for public administrations are:

Urban sanitation services;;

Separate urban waste collection: glass, paper, plastic, iron, vegetable waste, mechanical and household oils and greases, mineral oils;

Cleaning of streets and public areas, drains and manholes;

The integrated management of municipal collection centres (ecological platforms);

IT systems for measuring waste quantities, dedicated and customisable according to the needs of administrations; municipalities;

Asbestos removal and disposal;

Destruction and disposal of obsolete confidential documentation, of any kind or nature;

Disposal of cemetery waste;


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