Asbestos disposal

We deal with asbestos removal, transport and disposal, offering a 360° service

ZANETTI ARTURO offers its private, corporate and public clients a complete service for the treatment, removal and disposal of asbestos and all those products containing asbestos fibres, the production, processing and marketing of which has been banned in Italy since 1992.


Asbestos and all its fibres are highly carcinogenic and therefore very harmful to human health. This product was used extensively at the turn of the sixties, seventies and eighties in the construction sector (roofing, insulation, wool for insulating pipes, chimneys, etc.). Over time, asbestos fibres pulverise and are dispersed into the air and the environment in general, with serious health consequences once they are inhaled.

In recent years, a strong campaign to raise awareness of the problem has been introduced and disseminated, aimed essentially at the removal and complete elimination of all possible sources of asbestos. It is therefore essential that removal and remediation work is carried out as quickly as possible.


The complete package of our asbestos disposal services includes:

  • Preliminary advice with the aim of mapping and identifying the actual presence of asbestos fibres.
  • Supporting the client in completing all the bureaucratic procedures required by current regulations.
  • Carrying out experiments, tests and issuing results on samples of material where the presence of asbestos is uncertain a priori.
  • Preventive treatment and subsequent removal of the material.
  • The waste is encapsulated, transported and delivered to authorised disposal centres, where conformity certificates will be issued.

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