Video inspections

ZANETTI ARTURO offers a video inspection service, i.e. detailed analysis of any type of pipe, from the smallest dimensions (e.g. PVC pipes for rainwater pipes) to pipes of any diameter; has probes with computerised cameras and remotely controlled robots at its disposal. The work can be carried out either on underground or overhead pipe lines. The images produced, in high definition, are then recorded and burned onto computer media (CDs, USB sticks, etc.) and then released to the customer.

This service can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Search and identification of leaks;
  • Search and identification of obstructions;
  • Mapping of previously unknown underground networks;
  • Use of recorded images in technical appraisals
  • Sampling of liquids in pipelines for subsequent laboratory analysis.

If the customer has special requirements, such as identifying heat sources, video inspections with infra-red images are carried out.

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