Medical waste sterilization plant

ZANETTI ARTURO is authorised to carry out sterilization treatment of medical waste with infectious risk codes 18.01.03* and 18.02.02*, coming from hospitals, ATS, ASL, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries, veterinary surgeries, etc.

The sterilization plant for medical waste was commissioned in 2017.
The plant has two feed lines, one for waste with disposable packaging and one for waste with reusable packaging, after being washed and sanitised in a specially equipped tunnel.

Following the first grinding phase, sterilization takes place using pressurized steam.

At the end of the sterilization cycle, the vacuum phase takes place in order to strip some of the moisture from the sterilized waste.

Waste that can undergo sterilization treatment, taking into account additional authorisations due to the healthcare emergency, is coded as follows: EWC 18.01.01, EWC 18.01.02, EWC 20.03.01, EWC 18.01.03, EWC 18.01.04, EWC 18.02.01, EWC 18.02.02, EWC 18.02.03, EWC 15.02.02*, EWC 15.02.03.

The processed waste is classified as EWC 19.12.10, which can be used for the production of RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel).

Currently, waste that leaves the sterilization process is delivered to waste-to-energy plants, providing a perfect recycling loop for energy production.

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