Non-hazardous waste treatment plant

Since the year 2000, a non-hazardous waste treatment plant has been in operation, complying with the technical standards UNI CEN/TS15359/2006 and Min. Decree 14 February 2013, which reduces the presence of impurities in all municipal and special non-hazardous waste through 3 processes: SHREDDING, DEFERRING, SCREENING.

  • SHREDDING: This consists in a reduction of the size to facilitate subsequent processing steps.
  • DEFERIZATION: The shredded material is fed to a magnetic separator that removes any metal objects that may still be present in the work flow process.
  • SCREENING: The material is fed to the screen in order to separate the residual heavy waste materials (aggregates, non-ferrous metals, glass, etc.) from the light ones with high calorific value (paper, cardboard, plastic).

A series of conveyor belts collects the different waste materials and sends them to their respective collection areas.

Since the screening output is highly dependent on the characteristics of the incoming material, the operators sort and screen the waste entering the plant in order to minimise the presence of unsuitable material.

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