We take away large and small electronic equipment

What is WEEE

WEEE is Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, i.e. all used equipment powered by mains electricity or batteries, such as broken household appliances (e.g. refrigerators and washing machines), old TVs, or smaller electronic appliances (broken hair-dryers, toasters, Hoovers, etc.).

Why WEEE cannot be thrown away as normal urban waste

Currently, WEEE is the fastest growing waste category worldwide, with a growth rate of 3-5% per year. They may contain substances that are highly dangerous to the environment, such as heavy metals, brominated flame retardants, halogenated substances and ozone-depleting substances. Therefore, their proper treatment and disposal is of paramount importance. Due to continuous market innovation and their extraordinary diffusion, WEEE has become a very significant fraction of municipal waste. However, many people are not aware that by treating them as normal domestic waste, they can cause serious damage to the environment and human health.

We deal with the collection and disposal of WEEE

Zanetti Arturo offers its private, corporate and public customers a comprehensive service for the removal, home collection, transport and disposal of scrap and discarded electronic equipment (WEEE) with maximum environmental protection. We collect WEEE in Bergamo, the province and surrounding areas.

We take away large and small electronic equipment

WEEE (electrical and electronic waste) is only recoverable if treated properly, as it often contains toxic or harmful substances such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), cadmium, chromium, mercury and dangerous heavy metals.

  • Large WEEE (old or broken household appliances): TVs, PCs and accessories such as scanners, screens, videos and printers, fax machines, photocopiers, refrigerators, other large household appliances used for refrigeration, preservation and storage of food, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electric stoves, boilers, microwave ovens, electric heating appliances, electric radiators, air conditioners, Hoovers, electric brooms, sewing machines, etc.
  • Small used electrical appliances: fans, small Hoovers, irons, toasters, deep fryers, blenders, other food and beverage preparation appliances, hair clippers, hair-dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, electric alarm clocks, notebooks, calculators, cordless phones, mobile phones with batteries and accessories, radios, video cameras, hi-fi recorders, audio amplifiers, electronic musical instruments, electric/electronic toys, sports and leisure equipment, etc.

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