Spent oil collection in Bergamo

Disposal of used vegetable oils

We collect and recover used vegetable oil from private individuals, companies, restaurants, pizzerias, collective catering activities and any type of business that may require its use, including municipal waste disposal sites that need special containers for storing used oil.

Frying oil, food oils: all these oils, once used, fulfil their purpose and become highly polluting liquids, especially if they are spilled into water (via sewage) or released into the soil.

Used oil should therefore be stored and kept separately in storage containers for subsequent delivery to specialised waste oil treatment centres.

Disposal of oil emulsions and industrial lubricating oils

Are you a company or a garage and you do not know where to dispose of waste oil? Our service includes the disposal of oily emulsions, used lubricating oils (mineral or synthetic-based industrial lubricating oils), fuel oils, motor oil and any other oily waste, and is intended for all types of companies and industries.

We deal with the recovery, transport and disposal of oily emulsions, oily waste and used cooking oil stored in plastic bottles and/or containers. We transport the waste to the appropriate centres where it will undergo the appropriate recovery treatments. We offer a very fast, comprehensive service. We operate in Bergamo, the province and surrounding areas.

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