Extraction and treatment of dust and airborne materials

The suction and treatment service for dust and airborne materials offered by ZANETTI ARTURO is mainly aimed at those companies that, during their operational processes, produce dust of any kind and nature, which can alter and damage the working environment and the health of personnel. The equipment used is the Mobile Dust Extraction Unit, which allows even the most dangerous dust, especially carcinogenic dust, to be safely extracted.

In addition to speed and simplicity, the high efficiency feature makes this service applicable in many industrial sectors, such as steel mills, cement factories, precision engineering workshops, incinerators, refineries and chemical industries. The relatively low intervention costs also allow these techniques to be used in the craft sector, such as in goldsmiths, carpentries, etc.


The extraction and treatment system for dust and airborne materials consists of a containment tank, a sock and cartridge dust filter section and a multi-stage suction or blowing turbine. It can be operated simply by the engine of the vehicle on which it is fitted or by an auxiliary engine separate from the vehicle.
The dust to be vacuumed is collected through a suction tube or by using a more manageable fixed (or rotating) telescopic extraction arm.
The filters are self-cleaning; air jets inside the system clean them during the suction phase, without causing unproductive waiting times. Finally, the collected material ends up inside the tanker, and then discharged into suitable silos or Big Bags once it reaches the authorised disposal facility.

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