Medical Waste

ECO-MEDICAL: state-of-the-art service for handling, collecting and disposing of medical and hospital waste

Zanetti Arturo is an environmental service company that deals with a 360° management of medical and hospital waste, whether infectious or not. We operate in Bergamo and the surrounding provinces offering our services to hospitals, nursing homes, RCS, polyclinics, specialist doctors’ surgeries, dentists’ surgeries, analysis laboratories, beauty centres, tattoo and piercing parlours, pharmacies and para-pharmacies and veterinary surgeries.

Types of medical waste

The management of medical waste is regulated by Presidential Decree 254/03, published in the Official Gazette on 15 July 2003. This decree also regulates the management of infectious medical waste. There are different types of medical waste:

  • Non-hazardous medical waste
  • Hazardous medical wastes not presenting an infectious risk
  • Hazardous medical waste presenting a risk of infection

Non-hazardous medical waste

Non-hazardous medical waste is all waste that does not have hazardous characteristics and is generated by healthcare facilities. This can be all waste from non-infectious material such as paper (empty medicine and medical instrument packaging), plastic (medical instrument casings, bottles, detergents, sanitisers), glass and cans (bottles and flasks containing non-infectious material). But also disposable clothing and towels that have not come into contact with infectious elements (e.g. towels used to cover beds in doctors’ surgeries), paper, orthopaedic casts, uncontaminated nappies. Such waste must be stored in compliance with the regulations and must be recovered by waste collection companies.

Hazardous medical wastes not presenting an infectious risk

Hazardous medical waste NOT at risk of infection is generally waste that comes from analysis or diagnostic (radiology) laboratories.

Hazardous medical waste presenting a risk of infection

Hazardous medical waste at risk of infection is waste contaminated with biological fluids such as blood and various secretions, or waste from environments and patients in infectious isolation: gauze, gloves, cannulae, drains, catheters, intravenous drips, masks, waste contaminated with infected faeces and urine, such as nappies, but also sharps waste such as needles, blades and syringes.

Who produces and who has to manage medical waste?

The entire health sector (hospitals, ATS, ASL, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics, etc.) produces large quantities of special waste on a daily basis, most of it hazardous. Such waste must be collected and stored following specific procedures, using special bags and containers, in compliance with the safety measures provided for by the law, and placed in special places for subsequent collection, which must take place within a certain time frame.

Zanetti Arturo offers a complete service for the collection, transport with its own vehicles (also with special ADR authorisations) and disposal of medical and hospital waste at risk of infection at its own facilities certified by sector regulations. Our services meet all healthcare facility needs, guaranteeing compliance with the recovery, transport and disposal schedules dictated by legislation, as well as the supply of materials for the storage of medical waste, such as halipacks, special rigid containers used for the collection of medical waste at risk of infection.



ZANETTI ARTURO offers a comprehensive and reliable sanitary waste management service that minimises the burden on customer facilities. The company collects, transports, temporarily stores and disposes of hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste at its own or contracted facilities.


The service for the hospital and healthcare sector is dedicated to the collection of waste with EWC code 18.01.03* or 18.02.02*, which must be collected and disposed of using special precautions to avoid infection and provides for:

The provision of disposable or reusable containers of different capacities, approved and labelled in compliance with ADR, suitable for packaging waste;

Personalised collection of all hospital and medical waste within each department and its transfer to dedicated temporary storage areas;

The provision of a bar-code computer system to optimise the management, traceability and weighing of containers for each individual cost centre, in order to achieve valid scale economies;

The supply and completion of waste identification forms, endorsement of loading and unloading registers, drafting Environmental Declaration Form;

Scheduled transport is also available on a daily basis, 365 days a year;

Waste treatment at our Mapello sterilization plant or at contracted thermal destruction plants;

Washing and sanitising of reusable containers at our authorised plant in Mapello.


ZANETTI ARTURO offers other services to the hospital and healthcare sector such as:

The management of liquid waste from laboratory analysis, radiography, reagents, hazardous chemicals, cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs;

Video inspection of pipelines using a modular system for checking all types of pipelines: air conditioning, sewers, water pipes, etc.;

Washing and sanitising containers and trolleys for internal handling in hospitals and clinics;

The certified destruction and disposal of obsolete confidential documentation, of any kind or nature;

Sewerage removal by suction trucks;

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