Disposal of mineral wool

We deal with the removal, transport and disposal of mineral wool, offering a 360° service

ZANETTI ARTURO offers its private, corporate and public customers a comprehensive service for the treatment, removal and disposal of mineral wool. Mineral wools are materials belonging to the broader group of Artificial Glass Fibres (GFRP), which in turn are part of the broader group of MMMF (Man Made Mineral Fibres) and differ from each other in physical properties and chemical composition.


Mineral wools are characterised by high concentrations of alkaline and other alkaline-earth oxides such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, barium oxides and their combinations.

Different types of fibres are covered in the MMMF family, including fibres called ‘mineral wools’ (glass wool for insulation, rock wool), which are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators and are used in the form of panels, felts, cupels, or as loose wool in different sectors:

  • civil and industrial buildings, for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, floors, roofs and for fire protection;
  • industry, for plant insulation, machinery encapsulation, industrial silencers and more;
  • transport, for thermal and acoustic insulation of railway carriages, ships, cars and noise barriers;
    appliances, to achieve energy savings and safety.

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