Disposal of special hazardous waste

Collection, transport and disposal of hazardous waste in Bergamo

Hazardous waste contains a high amount of hazardous pollutants. They must be handled with care in order to reduce or neutralise their inherent danger and toxicity. Their proper management therefore requires a number of precise commitments in terms of collection, transport and disposal by those who produce this type of waste.

Zanetti Arturo offers private companies, public administrations and healthcare companies a complete service in compliance with the law for the collection, removal, transport and disposal of special hazardous waste, i.e. all those special wastes which, by law, require special collection and disposal methods.

What special waste is considered to be hazardous?

All waste is classified according to a set of codes provided by the European Waste Catalogue. Those considered as ‘hazardous waste’ are differentiated from non-hazardous special waste by an asterisk *. Among special hazardous waste, we manage and dispose off:

  • acids and solvents;
  • oily waste and spent emulsions;
  • asbestos and materials with asbestos fibres;
  • paints and inks;
  • process water and industrial sludge;
  • electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE);
  • chemical waste (e.g. detergents);
  • spent batteries;
  • infectious medical waste;
  • other hazardous waste.

Zanetti Arturo handles all the bureaucratic aspects – from permits to authorisations, from preliminary analyses to certifications – so that the customer does not have to deal with these tasks himself. We will then collect and transport the hazardous waste with our own vehicles to authorised recovery and disposal centres.

We operate in Bergamo, Brescia, the surrounding provinces and throughout Lombardy.


Hazardous waste from healthcare, industries and the service sector poses a serious threat to our environment and the future of our region. Responsible environmental behaviour and culture, as well as strict regulations, impose significant and precise commitments on the producers of such waste. All this work is carried out by specialised technicians with many years of experience in the field, as well as in-depth knowledge of environmental legislation, in order to protect the customer and the environment at all times.


The complete package of our hazardous waste disposal services includes:

  • WASTE IDENTIFICATION: any laboratory analysis to identify the waste, are carried out in our laboratory at the head office in Mapello (Bergamo).
  • WASTE CLASSIFICATION WITHIN THE EWC FRAMEWORK: waste classification based on the European Waste Catalogue (EWC), pursuant to Directive 75/442/EEC, and definition of the destination of the waste (recoverable or to be sent for final disposal): regardless of the type of waste to be disposed of, we will take care of all the bureaucratic aspects – issuing permits, authorisations, certifications and preliminary analyses – so that the client does not have to take care of these tasks himself.
  • RETRIEVAL, COLLECTION, REMOVAL: collection and removal of hazardous waste in compliance with current legislation.
  • TRANSPORT TO AUTHORIZED CENTRES: transport and transfer to authorised centres for recovery and/or disposal: all transports are coordinated from our offices at Mapello (Bergamo), and all vehicles are equipped with satellite control – to provide constant information on the position of the vehicle and compliance with the programmed travel plan. The most suitable disposal centre is defined by assessing the nature of the waste, its chemical and physical composition, whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous and the geographical area.
  • CERTIFICATION OF FINAL DISPOSAL OR RECOVERY: certification of the delivery by issuing forms.


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