ZERO PROBLEMS: our philosophy and mission

The natural formula for waste treatment

In the third millennium, the concept of sustainable development revolves mainly around the reduction of waste, also by recovering and recycling it. Considering that in Italy alone, around 30.2 million tonnes of municipal waste and 138.9 million tonnes of special waste are produced each year (ISPRA Report – 2019), the need to reconcile our development model with the need for intelligent management of environmental resources and waste, as set out in the European Union directives, takes shape: reduction of waste production at the source, recovering materials from waste, energy production and only after these stages the eventual disposal of the residual non-recyclable waste.

ZANETTI ARTURO is fully convinced that its actions contribute to economic development and civil growth. Compliance with standards and certifications to guarantee the quality of our work are elements that have always characterised our company, contributing decisively to ensuring reliability and credibility with those who place their trust in us.

The “zeroProblems” concept

Our company philosophy is based on the concept ofZERO PROBLEMS:all bureaucracy, permits, management, recovery and/or disposal, logistics and technology to dispose of a particular type of waste is entirely handled by ZANETTI ARTURO. A turnkey project, supporting the customer with the aim of reducing problems to zero.

The mission

With its focus on the concepts of ecology, environmental protection, efficiency and customer satisfaction, ZANETTI ARTURO continues to develop its own organisational structure by strengthening and expanding its internal resources. At our operating site we use our own equipment and have employees who are kept up to date and trained on a regular basis. Our investments, in terms of economic, human and technological resources, allow us to offer solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of organisations: public administrations, industries, traders, hospitals, healthcare companies, farmers and private individuals. A structure operating at 360°: from the analytical study of precise problems, to consultancy, support on the bureaucratic and administrative front, right up to the practical phase of waste collection, transport, recovery and/or disposal. This is our mission.